Learn how to make fantastic wire wrapped jewelry with artist Eni Oken. No solder or glue, just silver wire, beads and simple tools!

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  • Pliers: chain-nose, round-nose, flat-nose;
  • Flush cutter
  • Brass Gauge
  • Ring Mandrel
  • Metallic hammer
  • Metallic surface or anvil

Optional Drilling Tools:

  • Small dremel drill with #60 or #65 drill bit (1 to 2mm thick).
  • Center punch
  • Hammer
  • Wooden block
  • Hardwood ring clamp

Note: these tools are only necessary for charms which do not have natural perforations. By selecting your charms carefully, you can avoid the need to drill. 


Tutorial 042:
Chaos Neckpiece


Level: Advanced

This apparently very chaotic neckpiece combines a variety of different elements: gemstones, silver charms, spiral bezels and silver beads. The construction may look hectic, however, it has a very organized and versatile underlying structure.



  • Two small frog silver charms (or other animal charms)
  • Two small turtle silver charms (or other animal charms)
  • Three leaf silver charms (or other plant themed charms)
  • 10" of 20ga soft round wire
  • Seven coin or flat oval gemstone beads ranging from 3/4" to 1/2". Note: beads need not be exactly identical.
  • Approximately 100 assorted 1 to 3mm silver beads
  • 10" of 18 or 20 ga round wire (soft or half hard)
  • Approximately 14 feet of 28ga soft round wire
  • 3 feet of thin chain
  • 1 foot of 24ga round wire (soft or half hard)
  • 1 commercial clasp with jumpring


    Images & Design Copyright 2006 Eni Oken

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